Democafé-Camden is the first of what we hope may become a network of DemoCafés.  We began by meeting once a week at a venue in Camden Town but are now rotating to different venues, so check the website before you set off.

Our purpose is to offer our modest contribution to deepening democracy in our land, and by meeting face to face (thus overcoming the unavoidably unrelated protest and distanced rhetoric of the social media) to listen to and learn from each other in an attempt to address local as well as national and global manifestations of that deficit. The results of our deliberations will over time be reflected in a series of DCC Position Papers whereby to bring our views to the attention of MPs, the local press and thereby the local community at large.

Our meetings are open to all-comers, regulars and “drop-ins” alike. To become a member you are asked merely to come along, express your concerns and register an email address. Your contribution, whoever you are, will be valued. Join us and see for yourself!