Sunday 13th March 2016: NATIONAL DEMO: Kill the Housing Bill: Secure Homes for All. Meet 12noon, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3TL  Supported by Defend Council Housing, Kirklees Federation of Tenants, Camden Assembly of Tenants, Tower Hamlets Tenants Federation, National Bargee Travellers Association, Radical Housing Network, GMB Union, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, NUT London Teachers Housing Campaign, Unison Camden LG, Cambridge City and other branches, Unite Housing Workers, the Green Party, John McDonnell MP, London Gypsy Traveller Unit, Islington Hands Off Our Public Services, Islington Private Tenants, Hackney and Waltham Forest Trades Councils, Leeds Hands Off Our Homes: –

Defend Council Housing:  Briefing • Kill the Housing Bill:  Report of Evidence to the Lords • Join the March: 13 March Leaflet • Kill the Housing Bill: leaflet • Facebook: Kill the Housing Bill – secure homes for all  and  • National Demo Against The Housing Bill • 38 Degrees Online Petition:  Stop the Housing Bill

Report of Quaker Conference on Housing & Inequality: 20th February 2016

Papers for Discussion

22/2/2016 – Trevor Griffiths – THE GREAT ‘RIGHT TO BUY’ RIP OFF!

26/9/2015 – Michael Mulvey – Housing a Place to Live – third draft

13/3/2015 – Kate Allen – How to ensure the lowest paid aren’t forced out of cities

31/3/2015 – Will Blair – The Mayfair LoopholePDF

16/5/2015 – Alan Spence – The History of Garden Cities

January 2014 – Paper contributed by James Meek – Where will we live?


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